Red Dot Award  in Singapore, Gold award for both A' Design award in Italy and Muse Design award in New York.

When I was a child, I remember picking up wood sticks and made my own slingshot. The unique shape of the slingshot inspired the form of the chair. At the same time, it reminds me of the joy and memory when I first made my own craft. The chairs’ form inspired by the slingshot is aesthetically intriguing, and also structurally relating.

Ging are solid wood chairs which have unique shape, both dynamic and stylish. The design intended to give people strong impression at first sight with its distinct form, also intended to attract people to touch and feel the quality of wood. The chairs are made with latest technology and exceptional craftmanship. The seamless joints made the chair perceived sleek and modern. The chairs are available with or without the armrest. The without armrest version are stackable to make the chairs even more versatile for the different setting.

Width 540 mm x Depth 520 mm x Height 730 mm