About WAY object

WAY Object is a Vancouver based design studio. In way object, we like to always think about the future, always think about how to make our everyday life object better. We use the technique from the past, but also focus on the latest technology. We like to collaborate with different disciplines in order to spark new ideas. We love researching. We believe research solidify our thought and make our design better and more reliable. We all come from architecture background, but what we do is not limited to architecture. We love to work with you, if you believe that we can create things better.

About me - Alan

I am an architect registered with AIBC. I love people and design. I have 2 kids and love playing, traveling, and growing with them.

About my partners in Beijing -  Fernie and Tao

I met the lovely couple when we worked together in UNStudio in Shanghai, both are great people with a lot of talent and heart. The couple also have a cute baby boy.


WAY also has a branch office in Beijing which focus on the research of architecture and interior design. Please click the link below to view our architecture website.





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